WordPress Plugin
Boilerplate Powered

The complete foundation for building your WordPress plugins

Explain like I am five


WordPress ecosystem is full of amazing libraries why not integrate the most used?


Plugins often have the same features (like an importer/exporter of settings), why not have them already available?


Why not generate a customized boilerplate based on your needs?



Do you like Metabox, Cron, Notices and so on? We too!


Coding the same features and checking the documentation every time can be boring, start with a selection of the most used snippets!



  • Heavy Dependences Free
    Do you remember Yeoman? Or NodeJS dev environments with hundreds of MB of space used? Forget them!
  • Less code generation
    The files/code are removed from the original boilerplate instead of generating them


  • Automatically
    Download the boilerplate
  • Composer
    Can execute composer automatically to download everything
  • Code Style
    Custom URL to specify the PHPCS code style to download


  • Config file
    The generation is based on a setting file that you can keep and reuse whenever you need


  • Editorconfig
  • WebPack
  • Sass (optional)
  • GrumPHP (optional)
  • Codeception with tests (optional)


The readme.txt and composer.json refer to PHP >=7.0 as minimum supported version

There are a lot of boilerplates for plugin, and developers prefer to develop their own to adapt it to their style.
According to our experience, a more powerful solution was required: one that is not only a boilerplate with code organization but it's also integrated with libraries and snippets.
At the same time we implemented the generator to speed up our development process and be ready for every request by our clients.

Good question, we are integrating the most used and general purpose libraries, but open a ticket on GitHub for more answers!

Check the wiki page!

There are a lot of libraries around but sometimes you find yourself missing just the one you need, so we developed our owns to simplify the development process by implementing all the features that we need.

That's true. Our logo was made on the end of 2016 before in WordPress there was any plan about that technology.

Test the boilerplate and generate your first plugin, study the code and its organization!